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1. JAMES HAYES Inspired by nature and engulfed in the process, James Hayes is a predominant glass artist in Arkansas. Though his works are often very colorful, this particular chandelier makes a strong statement with its subtle color palette that demands your attention.

2. CHERI BOHN This mesmerizing sculpture, “Bohn Voyage,” by Cheri Bohn evokes a sense of mystery with its whimsical and almost fairytale-like narrative. The love and detail that’s apparent in this piece wins the hearts of its spectators with every plank of wood individually cut and sculpted.

3. CATHY GILBERT From largescale commercial projects to delicate commissions, Cathy Gilbert approaches her work with an artistic eye that brings a recognizable warmth and beauty to each of her projects. This particular piece of architectural stained glass does just that, making it a timeless work of art.

4. CUTTING EDGE GLASS CREATIONS Showing off your love and appreciation of art doesn’t stop at your living room wall. Cutting Edge Glass Creations, based in Farmington, has been helping clients make a bold statement in their homes and offices since 2008 under the direction of Beth Erbe.

5. ED PENNEBAKER The artist’s unique ability to capture movement and rhythm in his work sets him apart, and it comes as no surprise that he is widely collected and cherished throughout the state. This piece titled “Hillside” embodies what he does best by evoking movement with subtle colors, steel, glass and limestone.

6. LORING TAOKA She is an incredible contemporary fine artist living and working in Arkansas. Breathing life into a sheet of plexiglass is no easy task, but LoringTaoka’s keen eye for balance and design reflect beautifully in each of his pieces, including this stunning, minimal sculpture.




Amber Perrodin is a working artist living in Springdale with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking from the University of Arkansas. Her work is represented by James May Gallery in Wisconsin. Aside from her personal art career, Perrodin is immersed in her local and regional arts community as the founder of The Little Craft Show and the Springdale Arts Initiative. Bringing her love of art and community into one exciting opportunity, Perrodin was recently hired as the programming director for the Downtown Springdale Alliance.