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1. OZARK SCRIMSHAW KNIFE Well known as the “Ozark Scrimshaw Man,” Kurtz Miller, specializes in traditional and custom scrimshaw art. He can often be found visiting with travelers and working his scrimshaw craft at The Art Colony in Eureka Springs.

2. CANOE PADDLES Artisans Dave and Deb Leedham of Mountain Home individually hand-craft premium wood products from spoons to canoe paddles. A combination of western red cedar and spruce, their canoe paddles are as functional as they are beautiful.

3. PJ’S FINESSE BAITS These high quality, hand-tied jigs and flies are for fishermen who enjoy trying to outsmart game fish primarily in ginclear waters.

4. ENSLEY SEASONED COATING MIX This is a deliciously seasoned coating mix for meats, fish and vegetables. Try rolling it in garden-fresh okra, squash, green tomatoes and onion. Sugar and fat free with no MSG. Ask for it at The War Eagle Mill.

5. IRONQUILL™ POCKET HONING STONES Novaculite is a type of stone that can only be found in North America. The novacula stone formation of the Ouachitas of central Arkansas is geologically considered, without a doubt, to be the purest and finest quality. Ironquill offers soft Arkansas stones specially grooved to keep your fishing hooks and pocketknives sharp.

6. NATIONAL PARK RADIO Emotional, gut-wrenching, but still incredibly hopeful, National Park Radio’s music reverberates important themes about life, love and difficult choices, all while echoing the enduring beauty of the band’s deep-seated roots in the Ozark Mountains. The new album, “The Great Divide,” showcases their unique brand of indie folk music.

7. 1900 OZARK REGION BANDANA Midway between the Appalachians and the Rockies lies the great Ozark uplift, a land of friendly hills and peaceful valleys and a people whose vision of hospitality is as great as the star-studded canopy of an Ozark night. Small batch, hand-dyed and printed on 100 percent cotton bandanas.




Rick Stagner is the founder of Mollyjogger, an authentic American heritage brand, based in the Ozark Mountains. In 2011 Rick took the leap to follow his own dream— merging an authentic American story, love of the Ozark outdoors and passion for the retail trade. Mollyjogger wholesales goods to retailers such as Orvis® and Garden & Gun Mercantile. Within the state, the company enjoys partnerships with Bourbon & Boots, Rich-N-Tone and DomesticDomestic.