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1. WICKED MIX It’s a gourmet snack mix made in both sweet and savory flavors. Calling them a high-end Chex Mix is almost insulting, but that’s the best way to pull you inside the addictive world of this little snack. It’s a perfect road trip or “just because” snack. They can easily be found in grocery and specialty stores.

2. COCOA BELLE CHOCOLATES These are the prettiest and tastiest little chocolates I’ve had the luxury of eating. The flavors are inventive and on-point, and they look perfect.

3. BONTA TOSCANA GARLIC SAUCE This is a fantastic product. It has a cult following in Little Rock and rightfully so. The pungent garlic steeped with tomatoes and olive oil creates a sauce like no other. It’s phenomenal as is, but I’ve been known to throw it in with my Chicken Tikka Masala as well.

4. MONK SAUCE Legend has it that this hot sauce will give you the inner peace of a monk. Ok, I made that up, but it will make you happy and that’s pretty much the same thing. It’s interesting because it is actually made by monks. Better yet, it’s a great hot sauce. The green is a bit milder than the red, but both are flavorful.

5. CHOCOLATE SOUR CREAM CAKE This cake is one of my favorite cakes in town. I am biased because I created it to satiate my own palate. It’s rich, chocolaty and indulgent without putting you down for the night. It’s a great combination of flavors as well as a crowd-pleaser. You can snag a slice of your own at Heights Taco & Tamale.

6. POZZA’S PASTA Lucius and Alison Mhoon continue the tradition of producing handmade pasta just as their Italian ancestors did when they settled in Tontitown more than 100 years ago. The traditional spaghetti is made with unbleached all purpose flour and eggs, and contains no preservatives. It’s handmade and airdried to create superior pasta with a unique taste and texture.



Zara Abbasi Wilkerson is a self-admitted collector of “skills.” She lives in Little Rock with her husband and two children, and comes from an extremely tight-knit family. She is a licensed attorney, but practices on her cake decorating skills nowadays. Most days she can be found in yoga pants running around town delivering desserts as a form of exercise.