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Leana Fischer

LEANA FISCHER is the artist of May We Fly, a small stationery and gift shop based in Fayetteville. She uses watercolors with a focus on botanicals and nature. She also helps others discover the fun of painting by offering watercolor workshops. Since opening her shop in 2014, Leana has customers around the world and clients including Papyrus and Hallmark.



1. What are you working on now? I recently completed a collection of botanical work called “My Neighborhood Garden” inspired by the beautiful gardens around my neighborhood in Fayetteville. I created a calendar that features every piece in the collection, along with a number of new art prints and greeting cards.

2. Name a local maker who’s under the radar and deserves more recognition. There is so much talent here in Fayetteville, it’s hard to pick just one! Tram Colwin is an artist I’ve gotten to know and I admire her work quite a lot. She is skilled with both watercolor and acrylic and has a wonderful eye for color.



3. What are three handmade items on your own wishlist? Bloom and Thistle’s Rhiannon Necklace, Margu Design’s Square Scarf in Jardin Voile, and a handmade mug by Faith Whittle.

4. Which craft fair do you most look forward to and why? I’m really looking forward to both the Little Craft Show and Wampus Wonderland, both taking place in Fayetteville this holiday season. They each have a very unique vibe and do a great job putting on a high quality show.


5. Name three can’t-live-without locally made eats or drinks. There’s a new bakery in town called Dirty Apron Bakehouse, and their chocolate croissants are amazing. I am unashamedly in love with chocolate, and Markham and Fitz (formerly Hello Cocoa) makes such a beautiful chocolate bar. Stonemill Bread is my go-to when I’m stocking up on sandwich bread or need tasty rolls to go with dinner.

6. How would you describe the art scene in Fayetteville? Fayetteville truly values its artists. I think the art scene is thriving largely because of the community of support around it. The city does a wonderful job highlighting art, from showcasing wall murals by Jason Jones and others, to displaying sculptural work and hosting its monthly art event, First Thursdays.


7. What is your favorite local hangout? Arsaga’s is my favorite coffee shop in town, and one of their newest locations, Arsaga’s at Church and Center, is my current go-to hangout spot. They have great coffee, of course, but their signature item is toast.

8. What’s your favorite local art venue or event? My studio is located right next to Local Color Studio Gallery, which regularly hosts group shows featuring local artists. I always love seeing what’s new there. A couple of my other favorites are Studio 3 and Fayetteville Underground.