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1. HONEY SOAP With my busy schedule, making time to unwind and relax is so important. Bathhouse Soapery makes yummy bath products that can make tub time feel like a trip to the spa. This honey soap is luxurious and made with natural ingredients that leave your skin silky smooth and smelling amazing.

2. DIY BEEHIVE KIT Between pesticides and habitat loss, our honeybee population is dying off. While you may not be able to tackle the pesticide industry or global warming, you can become a backyard beekeeper to help provide a home for the honeybees in your neighborhood. A husband-wife team in Russellville has set up an online Etsy shop, All Things Honey, where you can buy a DIY Beehive Kit.

3. BEEKEEPER ART Because I have an affinity for bugs, I’m in love with Bri Peterson’s artwork. Her dreamy designs are not currently sold anywhere online or in local galleries, but I’m sure that will change soon. In the meantime you can catch her work at local art markets, like South on Main’s Art of the Bar, and follow her on Instagram @bumble_bri_ artwork.

4. HONEYBEE NECKLACE Recently I started developing part of my jewelry line that features bugs. My grandmother and great aunt had a few bug broaches in their collections. While I’m completely terrified of them in real life, I find bugs absolutely beautiful. I feel like bug jewelry is my perfect solution to being able to get up close and personal without getting stung!

5. SWEET LIKE HONEY PRINT If you haven’t been to South on Main and noticed, I have this thing for Mason jars. They remind me of hot Southern nights at my grandmother’s house catching fireflies in the backyard. Between the Mason jar and honey, I can picture this adorable print by Inked in the Ozarks in any Southern lady’s kitchen. shop/inkedintheozarks.

6. THANKS BEE THANK-YOU CARD In the digital world we live in, a handwritten note is such a treat. This thank-you card with bee art from Gingiber would surely brighten anyone’s day!





Amy Kelley Bell is the creative director for inVeritas, a public affairs firm with offices in Little Rock, Rogers and Washington, D.C. In 2013, she and her husband, Matt Bell, opened restaurant, bar and music venue South on Main. Amy is responsible for the branding and marketing of their business, and twice a year co-hosts an art market at South on Main called Art of the Bar. In her spare time, Amy finds joy in creating unique jewelry under the brand Dimestore Diamonds.