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1. MATT WHITE Albert Maysles once said that empathy is a photographer’s greatest tool. Whether he’s naturally endowed with it or discovered it later in life, Matt White gets it. His vibrant portraiture like this work titled “Aunt Ace,” is a baptismal of empathy and regard; a thing this world can use much more of. Instagram @mattwhite17.

2. DAVE ANDERSON I loved Dave’s work long before I met him, and when I finally did it was easy to understand why. It’s the kindness and sincerity that spills out of him, and the way he hooks you when he tells a story. It’s all the things that make this image, titled “Among the Lilies, Mali” and lend layer upon layer of majesty to his extensive body of work.

3. CRAIG WYNN Earth’s beauty in constant evolution and decay; and our disregard for its fragility only accelerates that fact. Craig’s nature work is filled with wonderment and tenderness for this place, and it makes this piece, “White Gypsum Dunes,” a must-have.

4. JOHN DAVID PITTMAN Since 9/11, the media outlets have force fed the country barrels of misery that wash over us in waves of despair. From that we find ourselves in a spiritual dark age where distilled beauty is seldom celebrated and apathy is rampant. John David’s masterful captures like this one titled “Faith and Truphera,” serve as a reminder that love is not remote, and that there are many places where light yet resides.

5. NIGUEL VALLEY Natural warmth. The words sum up the images of the dexterous colorist Niguel Valley. Photographers have always been drawn to color manipulation, and with the advent and explosion of digital photography, possibilities are all the more limitless. It’s refreshing to encounter work like this piece titled, “Nyla,” that documents life in a way that mirrors the natural abilities of the human eye.

6. NANCY NOLAN Nancy likes to say that photography came easy to her; as if any magical thing is easily made. Magic is work. She has the ability to wield light, impose her will upon shadows and yield compositions like this one titled “Henry,” that teeter on perfection.




A musician, photographer and sometimes poet, art informs most aspects of Joshua Asante’s life. Asante is a guitarist and lead vocalist for two bands, Velvet Kente and Amasa Hines. The latter released their first full-length album, “All The World There Is,” in early 2014. Whether he is behind a camera lens or onstage with a band, the aim remains the same. Clarity, positivity and ascension through art. joshuaxasante/images.