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Matt White


Photo by Matt White

1. What are you working on now? Joshua Asante and I will be exhibiting work together at the Cox Center in January. I intend to feature this portrait I shot of a young man and his dog in Stuttgart.

Adam Faucett

2. Name a local musician who’s under the radar and deserves more recognition. There are so many, but Adam Faucett is the first one to come to mind. He is a songwriter of the highest order and his stunning music strikes straight to the heart.

3. Where is your favorite local spot to gather inspiration? I am perpetually drawn to the stretch of Highway 70 from Rose City to the Galloway exit. There is a lyrical beauty to the road and those old neighborhoods running along the Arkansas River.

Illustration by Sally Nixon

4. Tell us three handmade items on your own wishlist. Joshua Asante is one of the most true all-around artists that I’ve known; his portraits are so beautiful they can hurt. I am very in awe of and inspired by the drawings of Sally Nixon. Grace Ramsey’s paintings are a gorgeous and mysterious dream.

5. What is your favorite subject matter to shoot? I find the most joy in honest portraits captured in natural light. The best feeling is to look at the back of my camera and see a face and eyes so full of humanity it feels like my heart might burst.

6. What is your favorite local hangout when you need to get away? I lean towards joints with a little grit and lots of character(s). Four Quarter in Argenta is a great bar—Conan Robinson has long been the best in the business. There is magic to be found in Midtown. Ms. Beverly has been holding down the fort over at The Forge in Levy for close to 20 years, and I like to stop in and visit with her from time to time.

Chickens (1993), Carroll Cloar Available at Greg Thompson Fine Art

7. What’s your favorite local art venue/gallery and/or event? I will forever be in debt to the Arkansas Arts Center for introducing me to the astonishing paintings of Carroll Cloar and his surreal perspectives of life in the South. Those folks brought a retrospective of his career to Little Rock in 2014 and I was floored and endlessly inspired by the beauty of his work.