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1. I SLAY NECKLACE This is one of my favorite Bang-Up Betty designs to wear because it combines my love for Beyoncé with my love for “The Lord of the Rings.”


2. “GAME OF THRONES” COINS At what I can only imagine is an elvish workshop in Springdale, Shire Post Mint makes fantasy into reality. Mint master Tom Maringer licensed with George R.R. Martin to make coins based on the books that inspired the “Game of Thrones” series. Collect coins from all your favorite houses so you can feel as rich as a Lannister.


3. BRASS PEN Brass is my metal of choice, and these pens made by Jeff Higgins are built with antique brass parts. There’s nothing more classic than carrying a nice pen around with you.


4. FOLIAGE BUTTONS Bella Vista button-maker K&A Button Emporium presses and dries local foliage for these handmade buttons, so your lapel can be fresh and floral year-round.


5. STAY GOLD PRINT This metallic foil print by Roll & Tumble Provisions is a shining reminder to stay true to myself, which is something I need from time to time when I have too many irons in the fire.@rollandtumble on Instagram.


6. I LIKE TOTALLY LOVE YOU CARD I, like, totally love this card by cheeky card designer Stephanie Maxwell. The best thing about it is it’s made with gold embossing powder, so the shiny letters are raised and you can run your fingers over them and feel them. Who doesn’t love the feel of gold in their hands?


7. AMERICAN PALE ALE Arkansas’s local beer selection holds a special place in my heart and my fridge. Lately I’ve been sipping Ozark Beer Company’s American Pale Ale, and the can is so beautiful I have a hard time putting it in the recycling bin when I’m done. ozarkbeercompany. com




Jewelry maker Stacey Bowers is behind Bang-Up Betty, a Little Rock-based hand-stamped jewelry and printed apparel company that specializes in cheeky designs. Bang-Up Betty has been featured on Buzzfeed, Bustle, Popsugar and on Cosmopolitan online as well as in Bust Magazine. Visit to pursue and purchase her designs, and follow @bangupbetty on Instagram for new releases.